Distributor help

1985 XJS HE US spec Lucas ignition.

I was having issues with the centrifigual weights so i pulled the distributor…scribed all locating positions then disassembled and serviced and lubed the weights. I reinstalled the distributor…but left the plug wires off as i was working on the Throttle position sensor (TPS).

Unfortunately, while this was disassembled and waiting on replacement TPS…i had a heart attack and subsequent by-pass.

Fast forward 4 months later…i dove back in…finished the TPS and was ready for the first start.

No joy…zip…nada…nothing…didnt even attempt to start.

I dug around and found the harness from the ignition module to the distributor had a broken wire at the molded plug. I ordered a replacement and installed today.

I pulled up the wiring schematic for the distributor…and stopped short as my distributor does not seem to be in the position of the diagram.

The diagram shows 1A pointing directly forward. My distributor …not so much.

I started looking at the cap…and it has a 1 stamped next to a single post on the cap…but that position is more like the 5a position on the cap.

Im pretty confident that i got the distributor back in its original position…so whats the deal.

Is the distributor off? Or my cap flaky?

I cant seem to find the timing marks on the housing…

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s not supposed to point directly forward.

Here is where mine is.


Awesome!!..thanks for that…thats seems where mine is as well.

That improves my confidence level to proceed getting my wires back on.


The main thing is that your motor is firing properly now!

The XJS can be tinkered with as time allows.

Edit: added photo of my 83 XJS with things being removed for a thorough cleaning

3B is near front center - basically where 1A is on that drawing:

After all the work pulling and rebuilding the distributor…then addressing the throttle position sensor and the brittle damaged ignition module wiring harness…I was so excited that it started and ran better than before that I closed everything up and began to pull it out of the garage…then heard a snap…

Oooops…I forgot the battery tender…and pulled the plug right off the end of the cord as it was pulled thru the closed trunk lid gasket.

Dang it…but a quick test drive to the store I sourced a new plug and now it’s back together.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Gorgeous color on your Jag! But I’ll be a bit frank. Replace the Leaper with a Growler. Will look 1000x better.

Been there. Done that .



Yep…when i bought the car many years ago…it had both…when some paint was fixed… they welded in one set of holes.

I tried placing the growler…but unfortunately…i could see the area repaired thru the paint…so i returned to the leaper because it hid the blemish better.

I just dont want to spend the money on another attempted paint repair. :roll_eyes:



You do have a nice color, do you know the Jaguar specific color?

I believe its called ‘Antelope’