Dixie horn on a jag

lets just say in theroy some one wanted to instal a custom secondary horn to their xjs, and it just so happened to be straight piped horns that take up lots of room, how would someone go about doing this?

If they are the ones fitted to older Cadillacs like the ones once found in Texas along with a set of Longhorn steer horns, and since it is an XJS, I think it would be perfectly appropriate to mount them on the bonnet. The roof would be my next choice. Hope this helps………….


I once removed a set of ‘horns’ that played ‘La Cucaracha’ from the ‘mouth’ of a Jaguar E Type (in front of the radiator) that my boss purchased back in the 1980s.

He got it in the shop and asked me to go through it for evaluation and I found a button that I did not recognize.

I pressed it and the horns played the notes in sequence. He came running out of the office screaming to get that OUT OF HIS CAR!!!

I removed all the parts (pump motor and horns) and put it on a shelf in the back.

Years later I wired them to his 3 wheel tricycle that he used for swap meets.
A car battery and push button in the basket on the trike.(he said he loved it but NOT on a Jaguar)


My mom had a set that played “Colonel Bogie” theme, innTweety: Dad had to put the five horns anywhere he could…:woozy_face:

Tacky. …don’t forget the groaning bull horn…hunnnnhh

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There is plenty of room under the front fenders, between the front wheel and door. Especially on passenger side since there is no expansion tank bottle there.

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The kids in my area have discovered train horns. They are about 3’ long. They remove the spare tire under the truck bed and hang them there.

I retained my stock horns they work ok. When I tow, I have an auxiliary train style horn which routes to a compressor in the boot. I only use it to divert the suicidal and settlement seekers that are riddled on the roadways in Florida.


I’m thinking of installing a custom one that uses the soundbite from the TARDIS.

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  1. I recall cars of the late thirties or early forties with under hood horns. Onw with a long stem and the other with a shorter one. Button or rings on the steering wheel to activate a quiet toot for city and a blast for country.

  2. One of my school chums istalled a set of horns on the family 31 Willys. It ha a key pad on the column. Three, for or perhaps 5 notes he was good at simple toots. Shave and a hair cut, etc.

  3. I squandered money on a “wolf whistle”. S one not whistle that screwed in to the intake manifold. A lanyard to open the valve. I attached it to the a post in the cabin ala big truck style. Odd sound, nothing like the traditional wolf whistle… fun…

  4. Not sure what happened tot he “ahooga” horn in my parts shed ??? It was intended for my “Hot rod of the forties” project…

  5. Jaguar’s horns are silent. Electric issue, what else??? . Not anxious to fix. Not a toot fan.

6 I think the horn works on my Jeep. Not sure, though. When will I check, not soon, for sure…


Fuse in wire over battery checked? There’s a relay too, which can wait… Good stories as always! Appreciated.

On my ‘88 I could tell when the condenser fan blew the fuse as it is also the horn fuse…15A in under hood block on left fender apron. Since replaced fan with a SPAL.

Not on the XJ, the fan fuse is in the headlight fuse box, but the horn fuse is a separate inline fuse. I use it all the time to test items I don’t want to hardwire to the battery directly.

Mine has blade fuses and is in the same block(black) as the 4 headlight fuses. Initial post was regarding a XJ-S

i will definetly consider this, especilly if the ones i get are chrome. i have a cabriolet so the roof is imposible.

i dont think i have ever laughed while reading something on here!! i have now!

Err, I would suggest that you NOT toot the Dixie horn, if you do install one, when driving through the Roxbury section of Boston … just sayin’ … :shushing_face: :laughing:

Well, now departed Chet Atkins and still active Tommy Emanuel could play DIxie and yankee doodle dandy on the guitar at the same time!!

Might see about that in a toot!!


Yeah my dad was saying I can do it, but he then said, your a white teenager, in a British sports car, and if it had a Dixie horn, it would come off as racist, so stay out of Fall River and Lawrence.