DIY brake bleed on an XF?

My 2017 XF is now out of the 5 year free dealer service period.
The plan is to do it all myself, as I do with the 2 XJ-Ss.
I have a 2 post hoist in my garage which normally makes things so much easier. However the jacking points are a bit awkward to use with my hoist, I have very little clearance between the hoist arms and the plastic rocker panel trim. I have cut up some spacers to pad the hoist arms and with luck I will just manage to raise the car without damage.

The plan is to change the oil, drain and replace the coolant and drain and replace the brake fluid.
The oil change should be straightforward.
According to the workshop manual only one bleed screw is used on the 2L petrol engine. Anybody know of more ?

The real problem is the manual says you need a special Jaguar diagnostic unit to bleed the brakes. Anybody know different ? It is kind of pathetic if true. You live in big countries like Australia ( and others ) and you might be 500km from the nearest dealer.
Why should you need a 1000km round trip to bleed your brakes ? How is it possible to design a brake system that cannot be bled with just the usual simple tools ?

Haven’t done this job on my car yet, so I don’t have an answer for you. If you do find out the answer though, I’d love to hear it.

If I had to guess, I’d say the shop manual is referring to using the ABS pump to pump the fluid through the lines without the need to use vacuum or a helper to get the job done. Still, based off my understanding, the ABS system must be designed so that if the ABS pump fails, the brakes must still operate the the fluid must still be able to pass through. If that is true, the brake fluid should still pass through to each caliper as it would on any other car, and therefore they could be bled in the traditional manner.

I will keep that in mind Brett.
At 7 YO and 14,000km the brake fluid is probably O.K.
But this is something many DIY owners overlook.
I must take a close look at the colour of the fluid in the reservoir.
If it is not discoloured it will be hard to know when the new fluid is flowing thru.
Of course as you go closer to the brake calipers the fluid may be more discoloured.