DIY throttle body cooling hose plastic plumbing upgrade

Greetings from AZ.
A repair was made under warranty prior to my purchase of my ‘14 XJL X351 3.0 Portfolio. The repairer installed the throttle body (PN: C2Z26930) cooling hose to where it rested against a hose clamp. Engine vibrations created a weak spot on the plastic part which now yields weeping coolant. The dealer wants 90USD for this part and a few hundred bucks labor. I am considering a DIY upgraded repair from the current 4 clamp 2 piece hose and one plastic connector hose line to a single piece of coolant hose & 2 hose clamps. The hose in question is from the coolant recovery tank to the upper crossover pipe and down to the throttle body cooling line. I know this is a newer car and few have had to make such repairs. I am curious however, if anyone here has the back yard mechanics experience for the assist?
The photo with the after market clamps are from me trying to locate the leak and using clamps and material I had on hand while visiting a remote area. I finally arrived home with my patchwork of a repair and ready to make corrective measures.