Do replacement airbag modules require programming prior to use?

Hi, my X300 Lost all of the instruments and while fuses F4 & F10 of the left heel board were ok it was discovered that the airbag module had blown a fuse. With the module removed and the fuse replaced the instruments were back. A new “to the car” airbag module was sourced and fitted. All worked as normal for the first while but now the airbag warning light is on. Does the replacement module need special programming? I cannot seem to be able to communicate with the module with the scan tools that we have.
Thanks Bob

I can’t recall seeing it in the service functions of ids/sdd. The fact all was ok initially suggests it’s a wiring fault that caused the fuse to blow. I’m assuming the warning light is on.
Have you checked the wiring under the seat? It commonly fails due to seat movement over time.

As I recall, from back in my days with Jaguar Land Rover, the most common issue with airbag warning lamps was the device known as a cassette reel which is a clock spring sort of device with embedded ribbon wiring that transmits power to the air bag in the steering wheel (among other switches on the wheel). A minute break in the air bag wire sets off the warning lamp as it is continually monitored by the system.