Do you guys think this is worth the buy?

First time seeing a jaguar that caught my eye and this thing REALLY caught my eye. Was wondering if you all think it’d be worth a purchase? It’s got 190k miles, abs light is on as well as a broken circuit light I think? Car runs and drives fine supposedly, driver door was backed into a tractor and doesn’t open :weary:
Aside from all that it looks cool, I’d think I could have a body shop work on fixing the door and frame. Should I be worried it’s priced so low? I have 0 experience with Jaguars.

You have no experience with Jaguars, but do you have decent auto mechanic’s aptitude or experience? A car with this mileage will need much more over the long haul than just fixing the door and window issue. You have to be able to work on them yourself as even finding a mechanic who will on this age of car, let alone the cost over time will make the $1000 the least amount you’ll end up spending. :man_shrugging:

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I had the same car and color that was nothing but hell on wheels. The engine and running gear was perfect but the electrics was a nightmare. The windows worked occasionally, the door locks would snap and break especially in the summer when the temps were over 80%F. and occasionally it would leave me on the highway in the dark at night I got tired of having the car towed to the mechanic shop so the decision was made to have it towed to the junk yard. If I had the patience, time to tinker or having it as a parts car then it’s worth the money. My two cents. PS Is that my old car? just kidding… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :

Paul Skilleter, in one of his artcles, quoted a Jaguar exec, who said Jaguar warranty-towed the equivilent of every XJ40 made…twice!


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That’s ALL I need to know!


Paul and I had this discussion 10 years ago!
The 1995 XJ was a HUGE leap ahead
I had xj40 s new they were ok but terrible overall compared to Lexus and bmw and all the rest
20 year old technology used in the 1980s wasn’t good
Tokyo dash
Self strangling seat belt
Metric tires
Wool rugs with leaky seals
And so on and so on

Don’t listen to these guys, the 40 is a great car if you drive it regularly. I drive one every day and she seldom fails. Great cars and easy to fix.



Run Far Far Far Away……

Having owned one for the past 20 years, I have some experience with these cars. They’re not nearly as bad as many people would lead you to believe, and probably no less reliable than the generation before and after. That being said, they are quite difficult to work on and many of the replacement parts supplies have dried up. A car like the one you referenced would be a huge undertaking for even those of us who know these cars well. No such thing as a cheap Jag.


THAT’S a bumper sticker…:kissing_smiling_eyes:


A Jaguar is like a mistress: if you don’t have the time AND the budget don’t even bother to go there.


ANNNND They are very hard to get rid of , even if YOU PAY TO MAKE IT GO AWAY…

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So - what’s the difference between a Jaguar and a mistress? One is a car that needs a hook (tow) and the other is a hooker that needs a car.


Yeah but
One you pay for to LEAVE
The other you pay for and can’t get rid of!!!
Bahaaa Old Henny Youngman joke

Ah yes…take my wife…please!
King of the one-liners!

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You cooked it….
You eat it😃