Do you recognize this a/c compressor?

Good morning everyone, just removed my à/c compressor but no visible tags or model numbers on it. While I Google search I figure I d post pics on here in case one of you recognized the brand and model. Thanks!

Like nothing, I have ever seen. What brand of car did you remove it from ? On the first image, I see what appears to be a tag with a bar code and some numbers???

Carl .

Hi Carl from the images i’ve found on google it is a Four seasons compressor. a lightweight replacement for the A6. Since it s what i removed and worked great i think i m going to replace it with another one

1985 XJ6 my a/c worked great until i messed with it and screwed things up

Makes sense to me. I have screwed up more than a few things in my lifetime.


I. Had a 4 seasons compressor installed on my 1987 XJ 6 2 and a half years ago. So far still working.

Do you remember the model number by any chance?

No but if you go online to they should have it