Does anyone know about Limp mode or safe mode?

Hi, I have a 1989 xj5 that goes into stall after 20 minutes of driving or warm enough. After time to cool it will drive normal again. I gutted both of the cat converters so that’s not it. Thinking maybe TPS

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Welcome to the forums James, I think this may be in the wrong forum, does your car have four equal size headlights or two brick headlights? If it does then its the later generation XJ6 which is more commonly known as the XJ40, put another way does it look a bit like the car in my avatar?

Yes, like yours. Four lights

ain’t she a beauty?

Certainly looks in good condition from the front. Mines actually two iterations younger again its a XJR (X308)
Yours is the XJ40 and I have moved the post to the correct forum.
There is a process to bring up codes on the dash, its along time since I had my ‘40 but I think you need to hold the VCM button down while turning the ignition key to either position 1 or 2
Someone will be along that can advise more correctly.

Hey thanks a whole bunch. Peace

Are you sure about my model? It has an XJ6 chrome emblem on the back

James, from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust here are two tables. The first shows the range of XJ40 model VIN numbers produced by calendar year and the second table shows the VIN numbers by model year.

The ‘XJ6’ designation was used from the very first iteration in 1968 (known as Series 1) all the way through 1997 (the X300 models). The one thing all XJ6s had in common was an inline 6 cylinder engine, albeit different designs / displacments over the years.

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wow, I had no idea how detailed the history of the XJ series. I do have an XJ40 I guess. Thank you for the education. Much appreciated.

Limp mode, take Viagra.
Safe mode, wear a condom.

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