Does anyone know how to fix or know a source for 16cu?

My ecu is broken on my 85 v12 XJS. I purchased a 16cu off eBay and it is completely inoperable. Does anyone know how to either fix the 16cu or know of a source that isnt trying to rape you on prices? A local place here in Atlanta, GA wanted $400 for the older ecu and I don’t really trust eBay anymore. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

The only repair source I’m aware (that is, one who knows Jag stuff specifically) is Roger Bywater at:

He’s getting up in years; last ECU I sent him took 2-3 months to get back. But, he’s the expert.


It’s been reported that you can often fix these ECU’s yourself by simply opening them up and replacing every electrolytic capacitor you can find.

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