Does anyone know my car (USA XKE)

Has had license plate MS5047 New York and 1QBE038 California.
I know its ownership history except for years 1976 to 2000. I believe one person owned it during that time in the Reseda area of California. I have put it on XKEDATA. This is how it looked in March 1969.

Someone in Reseda, owned a Jag??


The good news as you probably saw as it appears its alive and well in the UK!

The world travels of some of these machines–Tweety, for but one example–are more fascinating than the cars, themselves!

I bought my old E-type out of Reseda, through a Jag restoration specialist who lived in the area, no less.

Who was that? Might be worth me contacting

This was the guy.

On my car, he was working as a middle-man, to sell the car on behalf of the widow of a friend. He works out of the back of a residential house.

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Thanks ben have emailed him


I’m curious, is this a car that you own now and are just tracing previous owners to fill in gaps in the ownership history, or is it a car you used to own (in the 1969 photo)? I was assuming the former, but not sure, because of the photo.


Hi Scott,

I’ve owned it for 2 years. It’s fully restored now. Putting some energy in to its history.



OK, that’s what I thought. Nice shot of it fording a stream on xkedata. :slight_smile:

Good way to clean the underside!!