Does anyone need a 2.4 Short Block?

(bender's dad) #1

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Description: 2.4 l block, crank, pistons, and rods to anyone who might be able to make use of this block. If you can come get it it’s yours. If you have a real interest, contact me and we can discuss.

Asking price (if selling):

Location: Minneapolis MN

Contact information:

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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(Peter Crespin) #2

Too far to ship/collect but I could use the engine mounts and possibly sump if you have photos?

(bender's dad) #3

Hi Peter,

I recognize your name a as a frequent contributor t the forum!

the Sump is Steel, FYI, but I can send pics when I get home this afternoon.


Ross Mackert Design
1500 Jackson St NE #195

Minneapolis MN 55413


(Peter Crespin) #4

Yes, but don’t let that put you off! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I’m in no rush. I fear your engine may be headed to the crusher, so although I don’t have a 2.4 I’m thinking of bits that might come in handy if I ever got one and wanted to transplant a bigger engine into it.

(bender's dad) #5

That is exactly why I have had the block sitting ( in the way) I’m my garage for so long. I can’t bear to see one get lost to the world. Even though the short stroke motors are not popular.


Ross Mackert Design
1500 Jackson St NE #195

Minneapolis MN 55413


(Peter Crespin) #6

Yes, I met a young guy with an XJS at a club tech session on Saturday and decided he should get my XJS spares because I’m not getting another one. He was so grateful but I’m guessing he’ll still have some of the parts in 20 years!

I’m finding it is actually a nice release to see stuff go and know it worked out better than tossing it, but there are some bits I’m sure aren’t going to find a taker and if an ad doesn’t tempt someone to a freebie there’s not much hope!