Does someone on this list own "A More Unusual British Car"?

And on the same topic, does Moss Motors or anyone else sell parts for the MKV? I found one in a barn in NJ and I’ve been asked that question by prospective buyers.

Maybe split this into two posts?

The Mark V question is definitely relevant for this category, but then the subject heading is a little misleading. And the question in the subject heading is off-topic for this category and would be better suited for the Lounge, no?


Cordell Newby is longtime supplier for Mark V parts in the US. His phone is (509) 662-7748 . Cordell is winding down his business and may be moving soon from his Washington state home. Cordell has had a webpage under Western Jaguar name but last I looked it was down.

A supplier I have used for many years is Worcester Classic Spares in England, .

There are other suppliers such as Alan Gibbins who is Spares Secretary for the SS Register for the Jaguar Drivers’ Club, see The SS Register - Jaguar Drivers’ Club Register . And you will build up a further list of suppliers as your various needs arise. Over the years, I have found it beneficial to have a relatively complete parts car.

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Yes, I’m the one who wrote the Unusual British Car story about my '38 saloon for Moss Motoring.
Moss does indeed sell some parts for Mark V, as long as they are the same as for XK120 and/or MGTC and in some cases TR2 and AH 100-4. You just have to know and recognize them from the pictures.

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