Does SW on an old coil match + on a new coil?

I think so, but want to check before I put the ignition on and start the engine.

Will depend on whether car is negative or positive ground. Negative ground, SW goes to the distributor, white wire with black tracer. Positive ground will be opposite. SW is - on positive ground car and CB is +. Negative ground car will obviously be opposite. Car will run either way, just not as well if wired wrong.

Thank you both. I did not know that the engine runs with either connection, albeit better with the correct way.

If your coil has SW and CB on it then SW is connected to the ignition SWitch and CB is connected to the Contact Breaker (the points, in the distributor).

If it has + and - then it will depend on whether your car is positive or negative earth. If it is + earth then + on the coil will go to the distributor, as this leads to earth whereas if it is - earth then - on the coil will go to earth through the distributor.

Unless your car’s polarity has been changed at some point :joy: and depending whether the coil is the right one for your car’s polarity

As Frank says, the engine will run either way so try it one way and note how happy the engine is one way and how happy it is the other way. Choose the happiest way :grinning: :grinning:

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Wise words for life, no matter what the pathway to it is!