Does this Auto Transmission fit a XK 150?


Another part I’ve inherited in my garage that I think fits an XK 150 but not sure. Tag says BW Auto Transmission Model DG-250-MJ

Any help most welcome. Andy

That unit is not from a 150

It looks to me like a DG250 trans and the bell housing is for Mark 2 saloon.

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As your illustration shows, the MK2 A/T had a remote dipstick (#26, 27 and 29) that was accessible in front of the carburetors, and the photograph does not show that. Earlier saloons like my MK IX had a dipstick on the top of the transmission, but there is no engine stabilizer on my car the way there is in the photo. There is a place to bolt it on the bell housing but no way to attach it to the car. Look on the blue plate and find the serial number, which should help track down where the transmission was originally used.

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Thanks for your observation Mike.

Here is the serial number as advised.

JBC 10423

Does that help?

Thanks Rob.

I guess a Mark II it is then

Looking through there are a few 3.4 Mark 2s with JBC trans numbers.

And looking through my garage I find a DG-250-MJ transmission with the serial number JBC 10425, which is only two numbers off from yours.

It came from a 1962 MK2 and has the remote dipstick as shown in the illustration. I’m baffled as to why Andy’s transmission does not appear to have that pipe coming out from the right front side of the oil pan.

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Wow Rob what are the chances of that hey?

I will see if I can take a few more shots of it from the other side.

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Thanks to everyone who has shared their wisdom, much appreciated.

It seems from what you’re all saying it could be from a 1962 MK2 3.4

I’m now wondering what this would be worth to anyone if at all?

I will post it in the saloons to see what people think.