Does this ID plate belong to you

Information and picture
A 1974 Jaguar was being restored in Vermont and the shop that was working on it gave up. It was then delivered in boxes to a Jaguar specialist in Northern New Jersey.
In the boxes were parts that belonged to this car, plus other parts that belonged to other Jaguars that have ever worked on over the years. This plate was in that box.

In one of the boxes was an ID plate for a 1967 Series 1 LHD OTS as per the XKE data web site.
No other information could be found.

I am not looking to sell this but to pass it on to the current owner if they would like it.
Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


No picture in your post.

Not on the XKE database (to save you from looking).

only about 130 numbers from mine. 1966

try UK forum. it may have been shipped there. I am sure the owner would like to have it

I’ll fix that George. Think its better to list what is known rather than have a car show up with a shiny new data plate with a numbers mismatch. Also more public visibility if the car is actually out there.

23 numbers ahead of mine

It’s sad when we see how many e-types no longer are among the living… :frowning:

I saw published somewhere years ago, maybe Haggarty or other that there is an average attrition rate of about 75% for cars. That depends of course on a whole bunch of things. Attrition rate for Ferraris is very low for example. There is a threshold at which point a special car is worth keeping alive at any point in its life. That wasn’t necessarily true for the E-type. At the age of say 10 yrs old it could have been tired, rusted and more expensive to repair than it was worth… That could still hold true today but at 10 yrs most cars of that era were were not worth fixing. So those of you that still own one or having once been a caretaker (like me) can be proud that you saw the car through those risky days and knew the car was more than just a tired car. My car was 10 when I bought it for $5.3k, it was in much better condition when I sold it after 34 years of caretaking. The car will live on having got over the 10 yr hump.


. . . or sacrificed in a movie. :grin:

OMFG… The original “The Italian Job”… Criminal… A Travesty!!!

The Jags are still around.

At Goodwood last Sept they had a live action display with the real cars from the movie and live actors doing reenactments of scenes. Here is photo I took then of 848CRY “on the set”.

Nice photo, you should post it on xkedata, it will be the best one there.


Like “Harold and Maude”