Donate Button is now far too intrusive

I find the positioning of this akin to having a collection box pushed infront of my face and believe it to be offensive and off putting and hence counter productive!
Please move it into the Headings as a “Single Donate Button” not a Banner.
Just saying.
Mostly I like the new Site although I’m still coming to terms with some of it’s vageries and the lack of NEW really technical and interesting issue and please let’s have some of the banter of old back, too many familiar names are currently missing possibly for that reason.
However Admin keep up the good work and hopefully the happy family will reunite and return to the fold!

I thought it would disappear after I donated. I doesn’t !


Hmm I did wonder about that too!

I’m currently working on a much better method of collecting donations, also less intrusive. Please bear with us in the meantime.



Uh, Oh

Does this mean someone in sunglasses and a black suit with a bulge under their jacket is going to show up at our doors with an offer we can’t refuse? :smiley:

Seriously though, why not a button at the top just to the right of the “Old Site” button?

We tried exactly that, for the longest time, but no one used it!

We also had the yellow ‘PayPal Donate Now’ button at the bottom of every page on the site, but again, no one used it. In fact, we had people complaining that they wanted to donate, but couldn’t find the link since we moved to the new site.

It was right there, on every page, but…


Not sure I understand the problem. Soon as you log onto the site, there’s
the button at the bottom of the page, straight to a paypal
button…pretty darned simple really.

Correct, when you’re reading posts. But if you’re composing one, on my monitor (which is pretty wide; perhaps that’s the problem) the composition window is on the left, and the “finished” product is on the right. Once you type more than three lines, the donate button blocks out the “finished” text. You can only hope that it is what you want. I just hit it…what I am typing now isn’t showing.

But Bob, as soon as you reach the JL site (as in when you see the D-type)
the donate “button” is right there at the bottom RH of the screen.

What could be simpler?

I tend to agree with you Bob it is agravating when composing posts! I’m more than happy to see a Button prominately displayed but why not just “Donate” just adjacent to the Search one in the Header?


I just noticed this. You can put your cursor directly over the demarcation line between the posts and your reply and drig that line up and down, shrinking or enlarging the height of the composition and finished text sections. That may alleviate the issue you mention.

You do, and you’ll clean it up!

Got it. That solves the problem. Thanks, John.