Donating to Jag-Lovers, one time

The Patroen thing has only donation amounts by month with no stated end point. How do I simply make a one time donation to the site and get credited for it? Preferably via Paypal or advise where I should send a check in US dollars.
John Quilter

Scroll to the bottom and find a donation link. Donate via PayPal - it doesn’t show anywhere, if you want to you can do what Paul Breen does.

I tried Patreon for awhile. Didn’t like the P on my face and preferring the less in-your-face “Please support Jag-Lovers!” nag over the blaring “Thank You!” nag. I went back to PayPal. Typically US$100 per year. As to getting credit for it, not something you should expect. I’ve never received so much as an acknowledgment after contributing.

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It’s not that we don’t appreciate the contributions to the running costs, Nickolas, but emailing to thank everyone would be yet another task to be taken care of. Hence why we recommend using Patreon, which integrates with the forum and acknowledges that you are a contributor.

I might suggest setting up an auto email response via PayPal might be a good move.

Edit: this, for example, appears to be an option.

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