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I note the new page, its been that long. I loved the old one. Why does donating have to go through patreon? I thought we could all sling 50 bucks if we are broke. Its been a useful site for me, no doubt, but a lot of these forums have degenerated into social babbling.I haven’t checked it out today, bur will later

You can donate via paypal, scroll to the bottom, follow the blue field.


OK I see, this mob comes along and says Hey, we can get you some dough, and you say right on go for it, thats the way it appears anyway… I prefer the old days. Sorry…


To donate or not is your prerogative, either way the site will be here to help when you need it due to the administrators.

Maybe this is the reason these sites tend to ‚degenerate into social babbling‘.
You asked how to donate, here you go.
If you wanted a donation from us I‘m sorry, I am way too greedy for that. The new forum is faster, much more modern and works very well so you better get along with it. No more long waiting periods for search, finally infinite scroll,…

And you‘ve visited in 2018 so there’s no welcome back, lovely to have you, from me, if you expected that after that introduction. I‘ll remove you from the #xj list and put you into site feedback, although that doesn’t really seem fit either.
Maybe it’s me but I feel that what you said didn’t make sense at all.

Hi @nifty, welcome back.

As mentioned above, you can use Paypal if you so wish. We chose Patreon because it was the only payment service which could be integrated right into the site.

You are not the first to complain that the new site is different. The old site was hand built, and the developer who wrote the code left (a long time ago). There were a few issues with the old site (one was that we couldn’t add new model sections) which meant that we had to look for a new platform. @Gunnar spent a great deal of time exporting all of the old forum content to the new site (I suspect it was my merging your old accounts which triggered a mail which brought you back.)

The new platform has a few features which made the migration worthwhile:

Improved search
Uploading of Photos and .pdfs in the forum.
Posting (and oneboxing) of links to other web pages (remember using tinyurl every time you wanted to post a link?).
Private Messaging.

It takes a while to get used to, but it is better.

This site is absolutely wonderful. Easy to navigate and filled with old school experts who take the time to share their wisdom and offer advice at discount prices.
The “social babbling” is well controlled by the patient, and obviously masochistic, admins. Shout out to them.
My participation on this forum is blatantly one sided in my favor, but my appreciation is great.
Thank you and “Good Night Mrs.Calabash(sp?)”.


Wasn’t it “Good Night Mrs.Calabash(sp?), wherever you are”.


Wherever space and time interact, there is information, and wherever information can be ordered into knowledge, and knowledge can be applied, there is intelligence.
Pavel Mirsky, mid 21st Century Russian General

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Thanks Andrew, I appreciate your comments, and I will try to adapt to the new JL I am not in the slightest bit churlish, just sad to see the old site go I guess. Your acceptance of my comments has made my day, so thanks.

You missed the week we went live. Imagine a bunch of old farts wandering around shouting “WHO MOVED MY TOOLS?”

Have a look at #user-guides-and-how-tos, and send a PM to @discobot to see an interactive tutorial.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

It was, and Jimmy took the secret of who she was, to his grave.

from the admittedly dubious resource called the Internet…

Comic Sonny King, who worked with Durante during his career, stated in an interview that the mysterious " Mrs . Calabash " was indeed Jimmy’s late wife Jeanne Olson, but " Calabash " was a reference to Calabasas, California, where she was hospitalized in her later years.

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