Donation not accepted

Tried to make a donation but PayPal sends a message that this site cannot receive donations. Not even trying to use PayPal but trying to use a credit card. A link will be appreciated.

That’s very strange, I just renewed my subscription via PayPal

Hi Lewis,

First of all, thank you for (trying to) make a donation, it’s much appreciated!

Have you tried clicking the PayPal logo on this page (scroll down a little bit): Contribute to Jag-lovers – Jag-lovers

Please let ue know if that doesn’t work.


Followed your link. Clicked on the Visa card symbol and got this

This organization is currently ineligible to receive donations.

Now that you mention it, I see the same when I click the link. I’ll ask @Nick to look into it. We’ve used that link for many years.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Hi Lewis,
All of my payments go through Paypal with these payment details. Are they different from what came up for you with the link? If so you can add them manually. What country are you in? I wonder if that is the issue. If paying with credit card it may not permit foreign transactions? It’s paid in Pounds Sterling. I have it deducted from my checking account to save the fees.


Paypal required some updated account details. Submitted now, 2-4 days to verify.

I’ll update once the account is back to usual.


Our Paypal account is now fully operative again.

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Was able to make contribution yesterday. Thanks.

“Subscription”, Robin ? :confused:

Well it goes out every month so to my mind I am subscribing to J-L in much the same way I pay my ‘Subs’ to the local Jag Club, well I did until being made a life member.


I’m going to guess that they figure at your age, they’re not gonna lose that much income… :slight_smile:

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