Donations via Paypal

I donated recently via Paypal and it all went through correctly with my email address which is what is recorded with Jag-Lovers. But I do not see the little flag as a patron next to my icon. Why?

Hi John,

Thank you for your kind donation!

The answer lies here:

« We’re eternally grateful to you no matter how you choose to help support Jag-lovers. Please note though: If you decide to support us via purchasing stuff on Zazzle, or donating through PayPal, your experience on the site will be as a non-donor. In other words, in addition to not having the avatar “flair” in the Forums, the “Please support Jag-lovers” flag in the Forums header will remain in place.

We know from experience on the old site that many members do enjoy having some form of recognition of their donor status. The reason we know this is that we had to manually add a flag to each member who contributed, and people would complain if the process took too long. The whole thing was very time consuming and often involved a fair amount of detective work (people would use different email addresses to donate, and not mention their J-l username in the transaction). That’s why we’ve put so much effort into getting the current Patreon system set up, so the process of adding recognition would be fully automatic. Thank you for understanding.»

It’s not a question of not being grateful for donations, rather a question of the administation required to follow it all up manually.

Kind regards,