Don't see my own posts

(Len Wheeler) #1

Why is it I do not see my own posts to the E Type forum site? I get responses from other listers but never see my own post.
Do I need to do something about how I transitioned from the old site to the new one?

Len Wheeler

(Gunnar Helliesen) #2


That is very odd, indeed. Do you see your own post here (the one I’m replying to)?


(Len Wheeler) #3

Yes! But none of my posts show up on the forum

(Gunnar Helliesen) #4

So you can’t see this message: Obscure E-type parts challenge ?

Just trying to see if I understand the problem correctly.

Have you tried logging in from a different computer? Or even just a different browser on your regular computer?

(Len Wheeler) #5


  No, that message did not appear on my computer, but I did get Nick's reply


(Gunnar Helliesen) #6

If you get a chance, could you please try logging in from another computer, preferably using a different browser, and see if you have the same issue then?

Please remember to log back out when done, if you’re borrowing someone else’s computer.


(Len Wheeler) #7

Used a different computer to reply to George Hahn, my reply did not appear. Don’t know if it was published.


(Gunnar Helliesen) #8

Did you post:

Just goes to show, a good nap cures a lot of ills.

If so, it was successfully published. I’m not sure what’s going on here, as far as I know no one else has complained about this problem. I can’t see anything wrong (or off/different) about your account, so I must admit I’m at a loss here.