Door cards on MK2

I’m finally getting around to fitting the brand new door cards to my 1966 MK2 3.8

I’m hoping they are cut correctly as the exchange period is expired.

I’ve attached “Noico” sound deadener to many places which works well.

Not knowing what work was performed in the past, here is the question. I know that there are a lot of clips that attach to the card and then push into the metal of the door frame. These were supplied new with the four cards.

When I took the old, rotted ones out, I noticed that there were several screws across the top horizontal part of what was left of the vinyl. Could these have been an add odd in an attempt to keep the vinyl intact under the wood capping pieces?

I kept these rusty screws and they were NOT supplied with the new attachment hardware. I can easily use themm if needed. Thoughts?

I’m fairly sure they are original to the car, I seem to remember those on my old ‘S’

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I’ll have to either buy new ones or “de-rust” the ones I have.

I ordered my SNG door cards back in March of this year and just now opened up the box. There was not any damage to the outer box and there was a tear in one of the door card plastic covers. Upon closer examination, you will see that there are some serious tears/scratches on the armrest of this one door panel.

Logically this was ignored by the shipper in England or if it was repackaged here, it never should have been sent out.

Have a look at these pictures. I choose SNG as they offered a much better price for the exact same product from other vendors. I am awaiting a response from the sales manager to resolve this matter. I would accept a partial refund of my purchase price as this is not a concourse restoration. There was a long wait for these panels as they are made to order. I believe they charged me 100% up front costs, not sure could have been 50%

I’m also wondering if this bottom seam could have been better cut and sealed rather than folded over as shown in the last picture.

When I had the door cards on my Mark 2 3.4 replaced 22 (!) years ago the trim shop which a friend had recommended to me said if I wished to order ‘kits’ more often than not they did not fit properly, I would be better off having him order correct materials which his shop would carefully cut to fit properly. He also had his staff cut panels of modern fiberglass to match the shape of the rotted cardboard of my original panels. While the old door cards were off, he installed sound deadening materials inside the doors as well. That was 22 years ago, yes I still own the car and yes the door cards look and feel like new.

I had checked with the local upholsterer and their price was astronomical. They also cold not duplicate the seams with “heat sealing” techniques.

I have used “Noico” .80 thickness versus Dynamat at .50 thickness. I have rolled in on the inside and outer parts as needed on each door. FYI, I bought a new set of three metal rollers for applying the sound deadening mats with serrated ball bearing by Lumiteco for $15 on Amazon.

Frank from SNG emailed me this morning and said they would contact their “trim” department for follow up. I will keep the forum updated.

I’m going to make sure I use plastic sheeting between the door frame and their cards. These are a cardboard/masonite compound that would be ruined with moisture; just like our old ones did.


Another point of dismay with my new purchase. The ashtray holes are not present. They said some people don’t want them and that I should cut my own holes, The window and door handle hole are not “punched” through.The hard board behind has hole and one has to cut exactly through the middle to avoid a horrible external tear mark. Also true to the original design, and not to my liking, the front side/map pockets don’t have a base. Things will fall through. Many have noted in the past of finding coins, combs and other artifacts from days gone by.

Does anyone remember the orientation of the many door clips on the back of the door panel? They are hard enough to get into the pre cut holes and present a very tight fit which I fear might punch through to the outer vinyl if they are rotated,. It is possible to install them in a 360 degree position giving a multitude of possibilities. Perhaps after a initial trial fit, I will be able to tell if they all in any position on the card, facing the same direction.

SNG Barrett has done the ABSOLUTE best thing for me. They inspected all of my pictures and had their company make a decision to send me an entirely new set of 4 door cards! That’s customer service.

So, I’ll await the new set within a week or so and let y’all know that I will be happy to send these to someone for the cost of shipping. It might be $100 or so with FedEx. If you’re not looking for concourse, they will be fine and damage like this cold easily happen from rambunctious kiddos.

DM me and I can send you all of the pictures, preferably with Whatsapp, so the pictures will be more clear and I can use more bandwidth. I’m not sure these should go in the classified section as they are basically free?

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Classifieds rules still apply, so yes in the classsifieds section.