Door Check install

To install Front Door Check, either Left or Right, door, it is the same. There are videos on the web. The door panel and Control Box, must be removed. Door Check Part, installs from inside the door.

It’s important to note, the NEW or USED Door Check will look different, as to where the Fastener studs are placed on “Stem”. Once you fasten device to door frame AND car body, the “Stem” will travel inside and out of the door.

When I received my new Door Check device I thought I was sent the wrong part!!:astonished:
Dummy figured it out… finally!!

NOTE: The Block with Studs, slides along Stem, as the door is opened and closed. The “Indents” on Stem are the Stop Points for the door as it opens and closes.
I tried to upload photo of Door Check part, but our Forum doesn’t allow photo files to be uploaded.

Don’t worry where the Studs are positioned on Stem when installing, just FASTEN Studs with nuts TIGHTLY, and TIGHTLY fasten end of Stem (Holes) with SCREWS to car body BEFORE TESTING to Close and open door.