Door check strap to long?

69 e type fhc. Decided to put a new hinge on the driver’s door. On changing out the hinge I noticed differences mainly on the plate that bolts to the A post . Such as the plate on new hinge is larger but still bolts up . Have the door adjusted so it fits smoothly to the body and the gaps are even all ways around .
PROBLEM the original check strap that worked fine with old hinge doesn’t stop the door soon enough with the new hinge. My question is can I weld up the mounting holes and move them so the bolts move the check strap back and stop the door sooner. Or are their any other ways to deal with this issue.

Hi Roger,

Just to sort a few things before delving into this further:

  1. Was the replaced hinge original to the car?
  2. Is the car a Coupe or 2+2? Just making sure!
  3. Chassis Number?
  4. Do you have an “Official” parts manual/breakdown for the car?
  5. How did you come by the replacement hinge?

Both 3.8 and Series 1 4.2 cars used:BD15495 - RH Hinge; BD25496 - LH Hinge along with the BD22662 Check Strap. Series 3 cars list different P/N’s for hinges and check strap. Not sure if an S3 hinge would bolt up to an earlier Series?

I would further investigate what you have (new hinge) and proceed, not modifying anything.

Let the Forum know how you’re coming along resolving this…

Happy Trails,


Man that is some tough steel. Trying to drill new holes and The drill bits are giving up the fight.

The straps are spring steel. So yes, very hard to drill. Start with a very small bit and work your way up.

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I recently thought I would drill some holes in the spring steel legs of porch rockers. After ruining about 6 titanium bits with little to show for it I gave up.

You need carbide drill bits…

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Real ones, made in the US, or from the UK.