Door Handle Without Key Mechanism

Hello, does anybody know if you can still buy door handles for a series 1 2 plus 2 1967 e type without the key mechanism in the handle , i have looked all over the internet and can only find the ones with the key mechanism built in …
Thanks in advance …

Welcome to the forums Steve.
Just interested as to why you are looking for handles w/o the key mechanism? Also Left hand, Right hand?
And it would probably help to know where you are in the world?
If you go to your avatar, top right of the page, you can go to preferences and add your country flag.

Because that’s what came on 66 & 67 S1 2+2s?


Thanks Geo, obviously Steve isn’t interested in continuing with this discussion.

Okay - my bad. Somehow this just showed up as a ‘new or updated topic’. Maybe Jerry just did a delete and triggered that.