Door keys for 77 XJS

I have bought an XJS, and while it has central locking I only have the ignition key but no key for the doors or boot.

My question is if the locks have the key number stamped on them somewhere so that I can get a new key cut.


I emailed my VIN to the Jaguar museum in Coventry and and they emailed back the key numbers without questioning proof of ownership.
Trev has the key blanks, then it’s just a matter of getting the keys cut. Most locksmiths can cut the keys as long as you have the key number(s) XJ-S’s also have a valet key that opens the door but not the boot. I’m not sure how that works though. I suppose you could take the lock out of the boot and the door and have a reputable lock smith make the appropriate Valet Key.

Jaguar Heritage will supply keys as well. So I’ve been told, I don’t have any experience doing it this way. I have purchased key blanks and had a lock smith cut the appropriate key.

I don’t have the key numbers. Is the key number stamped on the lock anywhere?

I’m not sure if I mentioned this already, but… Just incase you don’t already know, XJ-S’s come with 4 keys (well 8 keys total - a spare set), Door key, Ignition key, gas cap key and valet key. The valet key opens the door but not the boot. I’m almost positive there isn’t a keycode on the lock cylinder.
here’s some more options:

  • Try the local Jaguar dealer They may still have the microfiche with the VIN and key codes. The local Chevy Dealer had the key codes my '96 Impala SS (recently - like in November 2019 recently). In 2000 I wanted the valet key for the '88 XJ-S. I provided the VIN and proof of ownership and poof! keys!!
    OH, ya, this also worked for a spare set of keys for the XJR. Spendy- REALLY Spendy. but I have a spare set now.

  • There is or was at one time, a card in the user handbook that has the key numbers. If that’s gone missing and the local dealer is no help,

  • Another option is take the key you have to a lock smith, they might be able to deduct which key is for the ignition. If not, a locksmith will provide the next best option.
    I’ve taken the lock cylinders out of my XJ’s and have had them rebuilt, and new keys made from OE blanks. Only one of my of my six XJ’s came with a complete set of keys. All of doors on my XJ Saloons can be opened with a pop cycle stick. Dont judge me, :slight_smile: almost all of my XJ’s were rescued from the crusher. I’m a Florence Nightingale of Jags, without the fancy flock or the girly bits. I’m gonna stop now…

Another option is to purchase all new lock cylinders with keys. :frowning:

Good luck

Many thanks for that Mark.

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