Door light switch mounting

Yet another piece of work that wasn’t completed correctly by the shop…

The left side door hinge on my 2+2 has been replaced with new from SNG. The location of the door switch on the old hinge was just a hole (threaded maybe who knows) that the light switch located into. On the new hinge there just a large oval hole, much too large to mount the switch onto without something on the other side of the hinge for said switch to locate on.

I’ve removed the trim on the inside to see if anything fell off or was left off that would have been used for the switch to screw into…nothing there, at least nothing there now.

Can anyone give me info on just how and onto what the light switch screws into/on to please.

This is of course a S1.5 2+2 hinge.


not sure if the mount is the same on 2+2, but on my ots here is how the switch is located. There is a mounting nipple on the a-post, not in the door, into which the switch is fastened by springs. The door has or has not a rectangular chrome striking plate. The switch itself is of a pop-in type - no thread. So if this is wrong let me know I‘ll delete my post.





2+2 is different. I had to remove the door to get one in recently.

Martin, thanks for taking the trouble to post the pics but my car is quite different. The switch on my car mounts to and through the hinge plate and it has a threaded body on it to accommodate said attachment.

No need to remove the door on my S1.5, the switch attaches to the hinge plate and is easily accessible once the door is wide open. The wiring for the switch however requires the removal of the interior trim to the left of the drivers left leg.

I will post some photosfrom my 70 S2 2+2. I think not the same as your S1.5 but it will give you an idea of what they may have put into your car.
These are the door (hinge) switches, the one on the left is for the left door for both the courtesy light and the key buzzer, the right one is for the right door and is threaded to screw into the hinge on the right.
These are the left and right hinges (top of each hinge is to the out side of the photo and this is the back of the hinge that attaches to the A post) with respective switches.
This is the right hinge with the switch installed.
This is the back side of the left hinge with the switch installed.
These two photos show the front side of the left hinge with the switch installed in the oval hole, the second shows it better then the first one.
Remember no one has ever accused me of being a photographer!
Hope they help.
regards, Joel.

Buzzer, hmm. My late SII OTS has a buzzer and on the driver side the black plastic switch shown above by Joel. I always thought this was botch apparently its correct with the buzzer.

Thanks Joel,
The switches on either side are the same on my car, no buzzer just two of the switches that are used on the RH side of your car. On my car the RH (undamaged and original as far as I know) switch is located the same as on yours. I have to assume, given that I have another of the same switch for the left side, that the mounting should have been the same.

The real problem here is that I never had cause to go look at the LH side switch and therefore have no idea what kind of switch and mounting was there, except of course, that I have as I said, the switch they apparently took out of the damaged hinge which is the same as the RH.

Looks like I have some welding to do to fill the gap provided for the buzzer, drill a hole, tap it and insert switch!

Thanks again to all.

At the risk of over stepping my position I will make a suggestion.
Rather then weld the oval hole shut and drill and tap a new hole I would make a plate such as is on my left door switch. It can be fastened to the hinge plate with two screws in the holes as provided.
Weld a nut on the back side of the plate for the door switch to screw into from the ‘outside’ as the right side door switch does.
Since the oval hole is so large i think you could even weld the nut on the outside of the plate and gain some adjustment possibly.
I am sure it is fixable but couldn’t resist adding my two cents worth.
Good luck and let us know how you solve the problem.

Regards, Joel.