Door lock cylinder problems

So I think I have messed up. Changing the door handle on my 94, I swapped lock cylinders. I tried the key in the cylinder and something didn’t feel right so I pulled the cylinder back out and a few of the tumblers came out. I still have them all in the original order, but I need to get them back in.

I can get them all in, but the key doesn’t work. Any tips on how to install them? Do I need to contact a locksmith and let the professional do the work?

Tony - I have sent you a PM with some info about the Tibbe locks. Please let me know whether you received it. Thanks.

Mike, I got the file this morning. Everything is fixed thank you for the help!

I have another issue now, where does the rod from the handle to the lock connect to on the lock end? I found a few pictures on google but nothing showing the lock end of the rod.

I’m glad you got your lock sorted out. I’m not very familiar with the door handle / linkage / latch setup. Do the attached diagrams help?


The rod connects to a nylon adjuster block that grips the threads on the rod end.

There’s a good thread on jagforums with some advice on setting up the adjustment and a tip from @katar83 that will permanently keep the door handle adjustment fixed.

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Mike, the diagrams do help a little. I need to figure out how rod #7 attaches to lock assembly #1.

Larry, that thread is very helpful with the latch rod clip. I fought it yesterday and walked away because I didn’t want to accidentally break it. Also adding the nut to the rod is a very good idea.

Tony - at the risk of stating the obvious, if you haven’t sorted out the linkage and can’t find pictures (hard to get due to limited space inside the door) how about removing the panel from the opposite door and having a look at how that linkage is connected? Assuming, of course, that linkage is connected and operating correctly.

That’s what I ended up doing, removing the passenger side door panel and looking at that handle. I just hate to remove and install that stuff too often because clips and tabs can wear out and break.

I understand your concern but one thing that has greatly impressed me about my Jag’s quality of construction is that most things seem to be designed so you can disassemble and reassemble them without destroying them. My obviously envious, Weisenheimer acquaintances say ‘well of course, because Jaguar knows you will have to constantly be working on them’. Bah humbug!