Door locks keep opening

Seems that others have had this problem… The automatic door locking keeps opening and closing itself as I drive along, sometimes every few seconds. Mine is an X-Type 2009, 4 door saloon, 2,2 diesel. Tried my local independent Jaguar mechanic in Angmering but it appears that he is doing 10 yrs in prison for fraud (according to Yell.Com).
I am in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Does it also happen when the car is parked and you are near with the key fob or only when the ignition is on or only when driving? If it also happens when parked; then it may be a short in the key fob. If when driving; then a possible problem with the automatic locking mechanism. Check for a relay controlling the locks.

Hi Grahame,

Thanks for getting back to me. I think it only happens when driving but my wife says it has happened once or twice whilst parked and standing outside the car, so it could be the key-fob. I’ll get it checked.


I found a cell phone repair place that will repair key fobs. You might try one of those.