Door locks not operating

suddenly all electronic locking has failed. i can only lock or unlock doors manually. even the dash lock button does nothing. i checked F4 fuse in the trunk and it looks good. there are 4 relays at front of rear seat cushion that deal with door locks. I doubt that all would fail at once. i dont know where to start? my key fob used to work fine and the lights still flash, i think if it was a fob problem the locks would still operate with the key and the dash button which they do not.
i hope someone has a helpful thought please.

You will likely get more responses if people knew what car you are typing about.

(I hate mystery cars)

It says X300 in the heading.

It may say X300 in the heading however, to give the correct information both MY and engine size are important.

The generic X300 for THIS forum includes X300, X305, X308, X350, X351 etc.etc.!!!(1995MY to about 2009MY)

This can include 3.2, 4.0, 6.0, 4.2 with straight six to V engines!!

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My sincere apology. My car is a 1996 XJ6, Vanden Plas strait 6 . never thought to include the information. i was so frustrated with the locks…

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Please check fuse F1 15A in the righthand heel board.

i saw that on the under bonnet fuse ID locations. CDL locking. wasnt sure about CDL but the fuse is not blown, connections clean. Car is in real nice shape, never abused. does have aftermarket Sony radio. I just removed the CD player in the boot. looked like factory but did nothing with the Sony installed. Plugged it back in to see if that triggered something but alas no help there. My drivers door pull on the latch does not spring back, someone must have been using it to close the door. also some of the door panels have holding tabs broken, i think they may have replaced door speakers at some time I do not know where to find the receiver for the FOB transmitter. one more thing a windstorm blew down an apple tree which snapped my power antennae off. those are the only things that have happened after my last known time that the FOB lock was working. i do not always use it as we only have one which my wife carry’s. I just use the key manually myself, which still works