Door locks not working

door locks not working

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Series 1, 2 or 3 need a bit more information.

What year and model Jaguar do you have? Jaguar used different types of door locks over the years and knowing what year and model will help us sort out what the problem is…

Did the locks work for you originally and then all of a sudden stop working? Or did they not work at all when you got the car and you are trying to sort out why they won’t work?

Has you car sat for a long time unused?


On the scant information supplied and based on the time of year I can only recount an issue I had with manual locks on an S1.

Both locks failed within a week or so, leaving me climbing through the car from the rear seats in a very undignified manner. It turned out that as the weather had got colder the grease and oil in the lock linkage had thickened in viscosity to such a point that the linkage rods pulled out of their retaining clips.

Removal of the inner door trim and much reaching with fine nose pliers and fingers opened the doors, but couldn’t fix it even after several hours. I eventually gave up and took it to my local jag specialist who in turn charged me 3 hours labour to fix.

Come on, at least give us a full sentence.
Do you speak English? We can manage if not.
What exactly is the problem? Is it electric? Mechanical? What part?
Go through what Paul wrote. Then come back with something to work with, please.


As the rest of us have mentioned, which year / model of XJ do you have. Essentially there’s a electro magnetic actuator that drives a myriad of rods held in place by clips (usually plastic).
before I had manuals I used this website to figure out how replace the less than OE fitment of a stick that was holding up the window on the drivers side up.
If none of the locks are clicking / working, check the fuses first.