Door locks still inoperative

I have a 1996 XJ6 Vanden Plas built July 1995. None of the electric door locks work , with key, with master switch on center console, or with key Fob remote. I switched out the security module with a used one from same model but that did not change anything. I’ve checked and verified power to module. There is not any power on any terminal in the drivers door connector to door latch. I have not checked other doors. I bought a CD to study the problem but lost it before i could try it out! The car runs excellent, rides so nice but this is pretty annoying, has anyone ever tried to reach a Vanden Plas rear door lock from the front seat :)? I can use the car with manual locks and lock /unlock with key manually but it turns harder than i like causing a bit of stress worrying about being locked out. where does one start to sort a problem like this???