Door opener re setting to new code?

How do I re program my garage door opener in the front headliner area on my 2002 X Type to the latest in my remote ?

When I worked at the dealer and a customer requested that info I would find the owner’s manual in the car and take it to the copy machine in the office. I would then scan the relevant pages and place them in the owner’s manual and set it all on the seat.

The service writer called me in the office to tell me that the customer did NOT think it was ‘funny’!

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I thrive on having someone demonstrate/explain how to do something, rather than trying to read the instructions; especially trying to translate from English to NA normal.

Neither would I. After buying a car from the dealership; I’d expect some show of respect.

Hint: Don’t take it to motorcarman’s dealer.

I was at the dealer to REPAIR cars, not to advise customers how to operate their car.
The car was NOT BROKEN, it worked properly. I had no other ‘secret documents’ issued by Jaguar on how to configure the GDO to the house.

The info is in the owner’s manual and I found it for the owner.

I can not help people if they will not RTFM.

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LOL it is a actally RTFOM…LOL… hopefully one came with their car…Art,…