Door pocket and B post detail

Hi can someone help me with detail on how the door pocket is put together and the shape of ally B post panel . XK140 FHC
Thanks Jim

Hi Jim,

The Door Pockets are a separate piece of door trim (Vynide) which are positioned “on top” of the Door Casings. The Door Pockets have a piece of “millboard” inside to keep the Vynide straight; the board is covered in thin foam. There are slits made in the Door Casings through which the Vynide of the Door Pockets is attached to the Casing. Sounds complex. but it isn’t really.

You mean these B post panels? Someone had put speakers in mine but otherwise original.

Bob K.

Thanks Bob
A few more questions … Is the pocket covered both sides with vinyl ? The pocket looks a bit useless other than for storing something the size of a post card ?
Regarding the B post does the top edge tuck under the wallnut trim and is this something like the shape of the bend next to the door?

Sorry one more … does the B post panel fit on top of the wheel arch covering or the other way around

Remember maps Jim? Something the navigator used to use :slight_smile:


I sold the car some time ago, so I have to respond from memory (and the photos of course).
The Door Pocket is in fact a large piece of Vynide folded in the middle and with piping over the length, So Vynide in and out. Like Robin mentioned: only maps, drivers license, car papers etc will fit in there.
As far as I remember, the top of panel BD.9594/95 is straight and fits under the wall nut trim. There is an open section in the hardwood for the fixation of the opening mechanism of the Rear Quarter Light. See pic. with the B post panel partly visible.This panel has a curve towards the B post itself. I remember it was difficult to obtain a nice curve with the original part, but if you start from “scratch” you
may have more freedom.Your sketch is about correct.

So after you’ve trimmed the wheel arches, you will place the B post panels. Here’s another pic of the opposite side with the panel at the RH.

Bob K.

Thanks again Bob ,I know where I am going now .