Door pulls on a 2+2

I have looked at many a photo of 1969 S2 2+2 cars, some have door pulls. Some cars do and some do not, so I’m not sure if I have to go hunting for them or not.
Thoughts please, thanks Pat


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Armrests were fitted to the doors on LHD 2+2s from Car# 42583 (Build date around August 1969). Prior to that they were not fitted.

Note that in your photo they are fitted the wrong way around…Steve

Thanks, duh… that explains why some do and some don’t.

TR7s used the exact same arm rests.

“…Armrests were fitted to the doors on LHD 2+2s from Car# 42583 (Build date around August 1969). Prior to that they were not fitted…”

Huh, my '68 has them, however, I suppose they could have been added when the car was re-trimmed, about 2 years before I got it (1996).


The sequence of events as I understand it is that the Series 1s had armrests/pulls, which were removed for the Series 1.5s and replaced by the recessed door pull in the door. This was presumably because the door release handle was considered to be a safety hazard by US regulations. The armrests remained absent for all Series 1.5s and into the initial Series 2 production. Around August 1969 armrests were re-introduced (but the door release handle remained in the recess in the door). I think I’ve read on this forum or elsewhere that the mounting points/holes for the armrests were never removed from the sheet metal work in the doors, so it was relatively easy to fit them to cars that came without them.

So further to my post…I have “Jaguar Interim Parts List” book for…

“1968 4.2 E Type LH Drive and 2+2 LH Drive” cars.

In that parts book (no pics unfortunately) it provides on page 23 part number BD.28918 and calls that an Armrest for “2+2 only standard transmission” cars.

Searching SNG under S1 2+2 1966 - 1968 cars they provide a pic of the door trim and show the door pull as part number U1066T/B…a pair for $233.52

The S2 armrests were a standard industry product. I think that Ford used them on their small cars, like Falcon, in the mid-60’s. So they shouldn’t be hard to find. The mount points should be in the door, under the card. The only trick is where to punch the holes.

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My 68 FHC did not have them, but the doors have the attachment points, and the door cards have the holes, although covered by the vinyl. If you feel around the area you should be able to feel the holes in the card under the vinyl.
I like them as it’s a much more solid way to close the door, rather than pulling on the door card…

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Looks like you’ve found a detail that has been overlooked in multiple references.

The JCNA Series 1.5 Judges Guide states “ARMRESTS: Not present on Series 1.5 E-types” on p.32.

OR MAYBE NOT. Another thought…

Your quote says “an Armrest”, not “armests” (ie one per door). Given that the you say “no pics unfortunately”, I wonder if the armrest being referred to (BD.28918) is the center armrest (on top of the cubby), which is different on the manual transmission cars as it doesn’t have the cigar lighter that is on the front face of the cubby/armrest for the automatics…


To add to the confusion my 2+2, which I bought in 1996 had the pictured arm rests on the doors. No judge, from local JCNA shows to a Championship Challenge ever questioned their authenticity. They fit so well, I always assumed they were original to the car. If I could find another set I’d add them to the FHC I now have.

Where did you find this book? I have a 68 2+2 and I have ran into part issues sometimes w the series 1 book I’m using.

I think I got it from the JCNA.

Maybe David, or maybe not, it could be the center armrest I suppose but I got convinced it was a door pull when I found it at SNG for the years in question. As if our suppliers are the last word on these things…:slight_smile:

Interestingly, on my '68 S 1.5 one door had the mounting points and the other didn’t.

Was the previous owner a nautical gentleman with an eye patch, peg leg, parrot on his shoulder, and a hook in place of his right hand?

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That’s really odd, as I have added armrest/door pulls to S2 cars that did not have them from the factory but the doors (2+2) I have seen always had the mounting points, nuts and all, and the original door cards had the holes, but the trim did not.


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Funny you should mention it, he had a black beard too… Aargh!

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