Door rubbers required!

Has anyone got any left over / spare door rubbers, I bought a job lot from Ebay, not complaining as they were not expensive but am now missing some, from a first look I seem to be missing both front door seals up the front and across the top plus one door bottom and right rear door front vertical seal, a left front vertical seal would I think do that job, also looking for rear lamp, front indicator and boot lid seals, UK based, Pat

You do not mention the model what’s it for.
Try SNGBarratt, they have most of them.

Mk2 Jaguar saloon 1968

For straight stock material, not cut or molded, try JC Whitney and there was an aftermarket Pontiac parts place called something Goat that also had the correct seals.
NAPA has the adhesive, use an old tooth brush to apply the correct width.