Door Seal Install Tool

While going through the Jag factory workshop lit. a few days ago, I noticed in the part as to directions for r/ring door seals it mentions (and shows a drawing with dimensions) of a funky-looking hand tool made mostly of wood & felt (or cork) to make it easier to install the new seals. The directions in that section advise that such a tool be “fabricated” (i.e. made up from scratch) by the local shop to handle that particular task. I would think it odd that Jag would advise each shop to make their own such tool, and not actually have already-built ones on hand to send out to their shops to use (or to sell to do-it-yourself customers). :open_mouth: Does anyone know whether Jag actually did have such a pre-fabricated tool (Motorman?) … :confused:

I would need to see the TSB or recommendation but the toolroom was ALWAYS missing tools. (people had a habit of NOT returning the tools)

They would get lost or stolen so I am not familiar with that tool.

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I’ll try to find the drawing again and post it here, Motor … In short, it looked kind of like a paintbrush minus bristles (or one of those small, cheap ice scrapers for your windshield, minus the “jagged edge” :thinking: ) and about that same size. The edge where the “bristles” would be on a paintbrush instead had a “v-shape” in cross section that was covered with glued-on felt (or, alternatively, cork), presumably to protect the seal from damage. It looks like it would take some time to fabricate and to find the necessary materials. :thinking: