Door Sill Rocker Panels

I removed the plastic cover panels on my rockers, and found they covered a multitude of sins.
Those covers hold a lot of dirt, thus retain water, thus promote rust.
I’d recommend to all to flush out those rockers and make sure they are not collecting dirt. Pull them off and spray undercoating in there.

My steel rocker panels under the plastic are about half gone, crumbled away.
I love this car and want to save it if I can. Not sure what parts I need besides the rockers.
Has anybody else dealt with this? A source for new rockers? Part numbers for a 2000 model?

I found this online.

Looks like I need XR8031784 & 5
However, if you search these part numbers, you get Russian websites.
Replace the 0 with a - and XR8-31784 & 5 come up but are discontinued.
A few places have them in stock for $502 to $800 each.
But the rust extends beyond these parts.
Not sure the car is worth it, have to think about it awhile.