Door Speakers for a 1982 XJ6

I have the following speakers in my 82 XJ6:

This one is broken. I am having a hard time locating the same exact speaker, I just bought a used one (also original, Eagle, also 8 Ohm) and as it often happens when buying used parts for these cars, it arrived here not working. I don’t want to try my luck again buying some crap used speaker: Can I just buy a new one from Amazon or something? Would any 4 inch 8 Ohm speaker work for this car, or is there some other parameter I’m missing? I’d be glad to hear people’s experiences


I simply replaced both front door speakers with new ones of the same specification, but another brand. As long as they are the same.

Same specification meaning same size and impedence, i suppose

I think that is correct.
And since there are many 8 ohm speakers in that size to choose from, you should be able to find a pair rather easily. I got a pair from Crutchfield. Far better than OEM. Not that I used them much…

Yes - there are many other makes. You may even find a better quality speaker than those OEM Philips speakers. They are not the greatest.


Where in the world are you located? I completely parted out three Series III XJ6s over the years, kept a few of these speakers “just in case”, and would be willing to part with one. I am located in South Carolina, USA. If you are located in the USA and want to discuss the details send me a Private Message through Jag-Lovers.




I purchased ‘modern’ Infinity EX-501A speakers for both my series 3 XJ 6’s cars, they fit in the door panels with no modifications required, and they still sound fabulous over 20 years later, much better than those antiquated Belgian Philips speakers. I bought mine from a site in the US called Crutchfield which specializes in sound systems. When they sent the speakers to me they even included a diagram of the dimensions of the spaces within the XJ6 door panels. Get the Infinity speakers, no one can see the labels on them as they hide inside the door panels. You will be very pleased with the improved sound quality.

Mel R

Mel R.


first of all, congratulations you still have the original speakers in your car!

Then - if you replace just one speaker you just risk an “uneven” sound experience. Passive speakers not only differ in physical dimensions, power range and impedance, but most notably in relative efficiency (relation of power input to sonic pressure output). So yes, you may be lucky with just one replacement speaker, but as they are sold in pairs most times anyhow, I’d probably swap them both at the same time.

Times have changed though. While some 30 years ago every hardware super market had a speaker panel where you would be able to test various combinations of speakers and buy the sets at reasonable prices (my Spitfire still runs on a six speaker set with passovers that I must have bought at less than 100 DM in the 1990s), these days most cars come new with sophisticated B&O or Bowers & Wilkins or JBL customized 20 speaker setups and allow you to mimick the sound quality of the Copenhagen Opera House. So there is not much of a market left for cheap sound improvement. While there still seems to exist an active 4 wheel boom box crowd, they invest heavily in stuff you don’t want to have in a classic Jag. Maybe you find good quality 1990s NOS Blaupunkt or Sony. Infinity speakers always were a good choice.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks, unfortunately I am in Europe… That would be a costly and involved exercise. Thanks anyway though :slight_smile:

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Try to find a European vendor who has Infinity EX-501-A speakers. It’s worth a try.

Mel R.

Are you in a rush? I do have a xj6 parts car and it has speakers… No idea if they work but I am in Europe. I cant pull them this week but I could have a have a look some time soon if you like.