Drive by Car show today

I’ve not done much to the jag lately but stumbled on a Italian car show driving home today, bunch of Fiats and Ferraris some labour’s of love :heart: rejuvenates you


Some of these cars are sure neat simple. 500c

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I always thought Fiat’s 500s clever idea of a centrifugal oil filter, housed in the front pulley, was a great idea: it kept some of the crud down in the crankshaft, unlike we see in our Jaguars. That continued all the way through the 2 liter Spyders.

Little more prospective

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My very first car was a Fiat 500 with optional reclining seats :wink:, same year as the one in the photo based on the front emblem. Bought it used in the early 80’s for 900000 lira’s ( about $450 at the time). In Italy you have to be 18 to drive period. No schooling or permits at 16.
No sync gearbox, needed to be pushed uphill and downhill :blush: .
Good memories and a lot of fun!

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I could have bought one last year same color for a few hundred dollars, but looking t the size I thought it was a death trap. The thing was smaller than a vintage Mini though they are driven in and draws a following in Italy. I bought a vintage bicycle for more than what I would have payed for the little Fiat. I think I passed up a good one, bummer!

Well it’s safer than a motorcycle maybe not to slow but it’s got wipers ,heater, and dry feet suspect it’s not a hwy car , I’ve no idea what they sell for 400$ sounds cheap.
Looked them up prices up to 25000$

For a few hundred $$ you guys should have purchased them. A decent one goes for about $10K now days.

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Nice looking fiat! Send your pictures to to get featured on the website and their socials!!