Drive train movement?

(jerald) #1

Hello, my 1996 XJ-12 seems to have movement during upshifting and downshifting.It feels as though the transmission is raising and lowering or the engine is moving somehow. It is not a obvious clunk but kind of a floating feeling? Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

Could be the rear mount has gone soft.

(jerald) #3

Thanks Neil …I will try to the pieces.

(j limongelli) #4

Yep we just had this discussion, On the 12 its a little kookier than the others.
It will look fine till its removed. The weight is the killer of the v12.
Turn to the left or right if worn when moving or over a small speed bump and you hear a thud…THATS IT.
Good luck,

(jerald) #5

Joey, do you recommend or did you replace the support spring also? I think I can get the parts in polyurethane.Is this worth the money?

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #6

At least do the spring, I made the mistake of not doing so when I had the rear shocks replaced.

(j limongelli) #7

The only thing with eurothane is squeekscand harshness

(jerald) #8

OK i will stay with hem thanks I will report back

(jerald) #9

By the way, is there anything I should be aware of when replacing the oem components? Is there alignment or shims to be set when the rear mount is loosened? Is there a procedure for alignment? Much appreciated!!

(j limongelli) #10

No go oem and your set for another 20 years

Remember it’s a jag with ford mass produced parts
Its built like an army tank!

(jerald) #11

Great that solved the problems…thanks again