Driver seat adjustment

Hi all.
Although I’m happy with the purchase of my 3.2 Sport, I am struggling to get comfortable in the car.
The base seat seems short as there is a massive gap between the knees and the end of the base.
The seat base feels too horizontal.
If I lower the seat all the way down, only my buttocks are on the seat, but if I put the seat up, I feel that I’m too close to the headlining.
My size 11 shoes seem to be in the way and mot much room to rest my left foot. The footwell seems too small. The handbrake is annoying and running the leg.
I’m not a tall person (1.8m or 5ft9”) and not large at 13.3st 85kgs, but I can’t get over the fact that this is the car where I can’t get a proper driving position.
Are there any seat mods that can be done, like tilting the seat base? Sometime I feel like when I was a baby sitting on on the potty.
Weirdly, when I drove these cars many years ago, I had no problems…
Other than that, it’s lovely to drive!

The high spec models you can tilt the seat electrically. Dunno about basic.

The switch can be lift at the front or rear or both at the same time if you use 2 fingers.

I’d recommend you put it down low, raise it a little, and tilt the front a little

That should be the same on all models. All the other adjustments (back/forward, back angle and head rest hight) are manual on base models.

I have just been in the car. The base models only have electric hight adjustment, but tilt can’t be adjusted. It didn’t bother me, the seat is as low as possible anyway.

I’m afraid that the models with manual reclining/sliding adjustments have no tilt adjustment. I checked the manual too.
What I want to know is if there’s a seat mod to address the lack of tilt.
Apart from swapping seats completely.

On my ‘88 base I removed the rear spacers on the seat runners. I don’t know if yours has these? It gave me about 3/4” more head room.

A BIG tip to completely change the comfort!
I was 6 foot 180 pounds when I bought mine NEW…
The emergency brake was digging in my leg
AndI was driving sideways in the seat
Very simply
Pull the chair way forward
Tilt the top half way forward
I don’t remember taking the seat out
Lift the emergency brake handle
There is a nub or tab , take a demel and cut the tab!!!
Your handbrake will go flush to side of chair!
It’s HUGE improvement
The bottom squabs were short
Cut the brake handle and you will completely love how to sit
I told you guys
Either the rain shrank the cars or we got bigger😀

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wow. Which I knew about that easy mod years ago !

Some body on here years ago sourced the handbrake set up from the opposite handed car, RHD set up into a LHD car or vic e verca because it was digging into his thigh.

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Yeah but then it wings towards your calf muscle
Just lift the handle you will see the nub
Grind it off
The dealer did it for me in 1995!