Driver's class

From: Gregory Andrachuk MGB@UVVM.UVIC.CA
Subject: drivers class

regular use (a 1200 mile trip last month). My question is: what
EXACTLY constitutes a “driver”, and how does a car in regular use
compete in the championship class adequately against cars trailered to
shows? I would appreciate any comments.

I found that the XJ classes are typically not as “fierce” as the sportscars
(like the XK-E), so with the score you indicated you will probably do pretty
well. For Nationals you may need to do quite a bit more extra work, but in
a local JCNA event you might even get a price - provided you have detailled
your engine bay first! The championship class is simply a bit more detailled
inspection of your car, and you can’t hide very much… But it is also more
fun since it puts a tougher challenge to you as an owner. I know that Craig
Burlingame has competed very successfully even in Nationals with his Series 1
daily driver, so if I were you I would go for the championship class! At the
very least it will be a learning experience (at least for me it was).–

Per Stenius @Per_Stenius

Per: thanks for the response. I really enjoy the challenge of these
events, but I find the judging standards too variable between judges. I
know that some effort is being made to address this concern.