Driver's door Kiekert actuator, for late production series 3 xj6

As the title says, I need the driver door power locks actuator. For an 87 VDP. Message me here. Cheers!

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@Robert_Laughton … any of those
in your trove of parts?

Sorry for the delay.
I had a look and do not have one, sorry.
As you know this was a late S3 installation.
Good luck,

Send me a photo to 412-853-1612 and part number. I have a few XJ-S parts cars from that period and I believe they used the same actuator. I know I have them from the XJ-S and I may have a couple from an 86 XJ6 I broke.


The 86 XJ6 should definitely work, as long as it says 'Kiekert" on it and has 4 wires, not 2.
XJ6 P.N. is DAC3529. I think the XJS will work as long as it also has the 4 wire plug.

Nr 1 BCC7685

Judging by the picture you posted, while the actuators are not the same as the actuators used in the XJ40s, if similar enough this may be of help: