Driver's Door Lock

I had my '94 XJ repainted and had the driver’s door handle replaced at the same time. The body shop did not transfer the original lock to the replacement handle. Yep. Now if my battery dies, I can’t use the original key to unlock it. Do anyone know of a place that can re-key the tumblers? I have tried a locksmith who could copy my original key (no help) and told me to got to Jaguar. The nearest Jaguar here says they can no longer do that.

A location would be helpful?
What Continent are you on?

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When I worked at the Jaguar dealer we got TSBs in paper form. Later Jaguar issued them in .pdf.

Here is a paper document I got that I converted to .pdf about 20 years ago.

76-64 Tibbe Door Lock Repair.pdf (2.7 MB)

I would ask for the old lock back so you can swap.

I is not hard to reset the plates to match the key. It helps to have several for parts though.

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Hello and thanks for the information. I am in the North Carolina, USA. I figure someone must still have a cache of parts somewhere.

This is your best option, Get the old handle and swap the lock barrels.

Are both front door handles new? If not you can open the car from the passenger side.

I would make the plea for all posters to add their location to their information. It helps greatly to assist you and, at least for me, it is interesting to know where folks are posting from.

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Immediately go back to the body shop and plead with them to return your old door handle assembly with the lock assembly. That is critical.

I am in Punta Gorda Fl, and wanted a spare set for my 89, gut lcky and found a locks.ith in Sarasota that actually had blanks to copy! They specialize in antiques, my jags pic now hangs on thier shop wall! I will try to find the info after I leave the beach!

And for those of us that can’t figure out how to add your location …

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Ok do it now.

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Unless you are wiggles then anything goes :slight_smile:

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I wrote words to that effect too Robin, but erased them before submitting. True though!!!

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Thanks for these instructions. I did figure it out a long time back and you can also list some info about you and your actual town and state or province. Who knows, there might be someone right in your town who could offer assistance someday.

Unfortunately that person in my town is usually me!!

You manual helped immensely. I managed to get extra wafers for a parts car and got the lock re-keyed I installed the latch today and it all works like new. Thank You