Drivers relay 1989

Anyone know wher the relay is located for the drivers wind?

Its in the door switch pack as far as I know.

where is that? the up down switches are all electronic, the panel.was replaced and the window doesn’t work, motor checks fine.

Thats a lot of info, thanks, now I have to figure it all out.I will have to pfint it so I can read it but I don’t see wire colors, or am missing something?

Here’s the key:

So for instance, in the top left of the wiring diagram ‘BK’ is a black wire with pink stripe (tracer).

I found the isue, #1 fuse on left side had a 3 amp fuse blown. Replaced with a proper 15 amp and it blew , put a 30 amp in and everything worked. now to find the problem.

David, for your safety - and your car’s - I advise against substituting a higher amperage fuse. Bad things - including fires - can result. Or at the least damage to components. I once stupidly fried a powered seat & mirror module by subbing a higher amperage fuse. For troubleshooting purposes you can get a circuit breaker like this so you don’t keep wasting fuses until you get the problem resolved:

mabe later ,first I need to blow some fuses, does it blow instantly or when I activate a unit in the circuit, I have one of those on another circuit that I can’t isolate.

I don’t get it but I won’t complain. Sprayed everything with corrosion block yesterday, put a new fuse in and darned everything is working!