Driver's seat switches inactive

Advice requested. Daimler 89 3.6
Problem: All switches to driver’s seat inactive.
So far: Fuse in left hand fuse box tested fine.
Next step?

Peter Parsons, Cornwall UK.


Which fuse - #8 or #10 ?
I’m looking at a wiring diagram which I believe is for LHD cars so the driver/passenger seat switch fuses may be transposed.
Have you checked the seat switch relay? (white base for left, black base for right I believe)

Thank you Bryan, both seat fuses are fine. Where is the seat relay?

I can’t remember exactly but the wiring diagram describes their location as “Centre console support strut left and right” for passenger and driver relays respectively with access via “Console switch panel”.
Perhaps someone with a better memory than I can explain better. :slight_smile: