Drivers side rear window...went down and stayed down!

Making progress on my 2002.5 (2003) 4.2
replaced front hubs, tie rods, rear drop links and tie rods getting ready for Roadworthy Certificate…RWC in Aus prior to registration.
And then…I was “playing” with the electric windows when the rear widow, drivers side went fully down… and stayed down.
No response from either drivers door control or the rear door control…except there is a click from down in the door when I press down
Fuse is OK.
(even though fully down) but no sound or response when pressing up.
I read the reset instructions regarding the "anti-trap"safety feature but that appears to be a different issue except there is reference to a possible obstruction -
“caused by damage or mis-alignment of the guide channels or seals”
I have taken off the door panel but not much access.
Any suggestions please?


You might try a HARD RESET to see if the fault is in a network message. Clearing ALL the networks by resetting might get it working again. I have had my 1999 XJ8 window buttons become inop and a HARD RESET got everything working normally.

Worth a try!!!


Thanks Bob…Still very new at this…How do you do a Hard Reset?
( I worked in the accounts dept of an IT company once and if we had a problem the “old school” tech would
often get things going with a “Power Off Master Clear”…in other words he would turn off the machine and then turn it back on again!
Anything like that?

A hard reset is to take off both battery cables and hold them together for a while (your choice how long you hold them for) this powers down all the internals of the various control units. However it may be that the door switch requires cleaning I had this with a XJ40 where the window goes down but not up. The relay contacts needed to be cleaned, do not be fooled if the relay ohms out, it may not necessarily flow sufficient amperage. Also the engine may run rough until the ecu re-learns the parameters it needs.

Thanks Robin…Hope to get some time tomorrow to try your suggestions.


Looking at the 2003MY Electrical Guide and I see that the window motor arrangement is different to the earlier cars which I am more familiar with. According to the guide the door switches connect directly to the motor module. This is good news in a way because it means that no other module is involved. The motor seems to have its control module built in. The switch simply provides a ground to one of two wires, one for up and one for down.

Because neither the door switch or the drivers door switch work the window this points to a problem either with the motor/module itself or a physical problem e.g. glass jammed in runner rather than a wiring problem. Nevertheless, you could start by removing the plug from the door switch and using a wire jumper ground the wire that should be for up. From the diagram this would be yellow with a red tracer.

Also, since you can hear the relay click when you press down, it would be useful to know if when you raise the other rear window you can hear the relay click for up also. It may be that it should only operates when the window goes in the down direction.

The other thing you could try before removing the motor is to prove out the continuity of the wires in the door with a multimeter.

You can download a copy of the electrical guide from here.

Let us know how you get on.

Shropshire, UK

Thanks Eric. I appreciate the very helpful advice!
By the way, I have not looked at my valve clearance adj as yet…Still plenty to do and the window issue was totally unexpected.
I will certainly let you know how I get on.
Can’t wait to actually drive it!

Melbourne, Aus

Good morning Gentlemen. Tuesday morning in Aus, and :Melbourne Cup Day…some kind of horse-race I believe :slight_smile:

Re the recalcitrant window. I now have the passenger widow fully functional from the rear door control…however it will go down but not up from the drivers door.


Suspect the switch in the driver’s door or a broken wire/connection. You could check the wiring from the plug on the switch pack. It looks like pin 22 is the right hand rear up (yellow wire with red trace).If you ground that pin the window should come up if the wiring is good.

If it is the switch you may be able to dismantle and fix it. I don’t know but if not there must be zillions of used ones about.

What was the problem with the window that you fixed to get it working from the local switch?


From my long experience with Jaguar warranty I recall that the Brose window regulators, especially in the rear doors were an issue. These are cable operated regulators and as I recall a plastic guide roller would break causing cable go go “off track” and render the regulator inoperative. Jaguar had a service action to change the regulators but it only applied in the areas of the USA with very high ambient temperatures that made the regulators more prone to failure. Interestingly, the virtually identical regulator in the Lincoln LS cars had the same issue. Some repair shops used the much lower priced Lincoln regulator as a more economical replacement.

I replaced the regulator in my driver’s door when it broke due to trying to operate it when the window was covered with ice. I used the Lincoln LS part made by Dorman which should be in the archives if you search my name and regulator or Dorman. As I recall I had to turn one hole in the door panel into an oval with a round file, then the Lincoln part would fit. The position of one stud by 1/8" was the only difference between the Jaguar and the Lincoln part.
Dorman improved their design and their most recent version has lasted several years.

Thanks Rob…Good info!
Wishing you a Happy New Year :grinning:

Many thanks John.
Happy New Year
Regards Dave :grinning:

Hi Eric, Sorry for slow reply… I did separate the electrical connections, clean and reconnect…
BUT, embarrassed to say…It was probably working that way from the start as I was unaware of the small locking button on the drivers control…So, at least I can operate the window from the local control ( still down only from central control. I have tried to clean the central control switch without success. Living with this for the time being.
I still have a long way to go in knowing my car, but loving my 15 year old S Type and plan to work through a number of issues in 2018.
I hope the New Year is a good one for you.
Regards Dave