Drops out of top gear

400 miles after a gearbox rebuild my car intermittently drops out of top gear. At present it’s only a minor inconvenience. It has only happened on the over run and, so far, never under power. In the rebuild I put new springs and balls into the synchro’ sleeves. I’m hoping the problem will be solved by adjusting the plunger on 3rd/top striking rod. Anyone else have experience of this?

Iain, not not experienced it, but do check the presure on the rod stops and once happy wire-fixed the three screws.

The springs/balls between the gears and synchro sleeves regulate the separation force between those two parts. Once separated and in gear, they’re out of the picture until the next time it enters neutral. The springs and plungers on the rods establish the detentes you feel when in gear.

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