Drrrrr windshield!

(Jason Miller 1993 XJS 4.0 convertible, 1997 XK8 coupe ) #1

So I was on the way home from work yesterday and I heard a “tick” sound. Figured someone kicked up a stone or something. I went out today and sure enough there is a crack! Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Just called it in and, luckily I have a zero deductable! Woooooooo hoooooo!

(Jason Miller 1993 XJS 4.0 convertible, 1997 XK8 coupe ) #2

Ok so I went to have the windshield replaced and first thing he noticed was that the new one didn’t have the sun shade on top. Then he looked and didn’t see any with it in stock. So I said go ahead and do it. They started trying to take out the windshield and they said it looks like the trim may have been siliconed in. Drrrrrr. Needless to say they told me that the trim will probably be destroyed. Double drrrrrr! They did say that insurance would cover the replacement. I’m wondering if they just missed how the trim is held in. Is there a trick to get the front trim out? Worse case I can try to get it out myself and have a spare set :grin:

(Eric Capron) #3

Don’t know about the coupe but the windscreen trim on the convertible is just held on with clips.


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(Jason Miller 1993 XJS 4.0 convertible, 1997 XK8 coupe ) #4

What type of clips? I did see a long plastic clip on a forum picture, do the pry out?

(Eric Capron) #5

I had a new screen in my 97 convertible last year and I watched the fitter as he just popped off the trims. He just pried them up with a plastic tool. It didn’t take him long to remove them or put them back and there was no damage done. I don’t know if the coupe has a rubber seal under the trim but the open car does and it comes off with the trim. I can’t recall what the clips were like. I wasn’t looking that closely but there was definitely no sealant involved at this point…

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(Robert Mitchell) #6

Hi Jason; I have a '99 XK8 conv. Had mine replaced. The plastic clips will probably break when removed. They are Year and Vin# specific. Make sure they have you number when ordering the windshield.

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